Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of High School

So today was my first day of highschool! I know most of you assumed that I was in highschool already, to bad you were wrong! Anyway today was my first day as a freshie, and I must say it wasn't as amazing as I expected. The day started out with a homeroom full of people I don't know and a stack of documents my parents had to sign. That was fine I guess a bit boring because we were just sitting there for about 10 minutes without anybody even speaking. After homeroom I finally got to start the actual day. The first thing I must address is how SMALL my locker is... I could barely fit the 6 binders I needed in there, much less my whole backpack so I decided just to keep it with me for the day. My first class was Algebra 2 honors. The teacher was a guy which kinda surprised me, I've never had a male teacher for something like math, the only male teachers I've had were for Tech, Gym, Science and Art. He seemed pretty cool just a little strict. He snapped at this one student for talking while he was talking which kinda surprised me cause he seemed to be really laid back at first. During the class we just talked about the MANY rules he had and he gave us some papers for out parents to sign, then like that the class was over. Second period was Biology, another male teacher, and a cool one at that. He was super laid back. He gave us this giant packet of papers, at first I thought he was going to give us a whole bunch of work, but it ended up to be the notes for the ENTIRE YEAR. Yeah you read that right, he typed out and gave us notes for the entire year on the first day. So no copying, no taking notes during lectures, just elaboration. Then he gave us some papers to sign and we did a lab about reaction time...which was awesome cause it was super easy. Right after Biology we got an announcement that the Air conditioning was broken...probably not the best news I had heard all day. Third period was history, female teacher. Even though I don't really like history the teacher seemed cool. She was one of those teachers that is borderline appropriate for school (she threatened to stab somebody in the eye for talking). The class sounded like it would be a lot of work but she was a pretty funny teacher. Next was English. The teacher was kinda annoying. Made bad jokes in class, desperately tried to entertain us, and had wayyyy to many rules. By this time it was about 87 degrees inside and everybody was irritable. I think the worst thing about her was she freaked out when she saw my headphones around my neck. I hadn't been listening to them and they were just there cause I didn't want to put them in my backpack and cause...they look cool. But when she saw them she freaked out even though I didn't even have my iPod in my pocket (it was inside my backpack safe from the outside elements). She was the first teacher all day who made me put it away. My history teacher had asked about it but when I showed her I didn't have my iPod on me she was entirely cool with it. So she made me put them in my backpack. Fifth period was "Inquiry Skills". Basically it's just a class teaching us how to write papers and study...yeah and its an elective...anyway this teacher also made me put my headphones away. It was the biggest class I had had so far. All day I was with the same 11 or 12 people in each class because of the IB program that I am in. I guess this class grouped together 2 different IB groups so there was like 30 people in this class. This teacher was also annoying, she attempted to make small talk with us which I found to be irksome and uninteresting. Then she complained because we were quiet and withdrawn. The main reasons why we weren't talking was because she was sitting at the front of the room talking the whole time, and nobody really wanted to interrupt her and because it was 90 DEGREES INSIDE. Everybody was sweaty and disgusting and nobody wanted to talk it was just to hot. After fifth period was lunch, at my school you can eat wherever you want on the school campus so I kinda just wandered around with my friends. Sixth period was French. My teacher seemed pretty cool and she let us sit in front of a fan in turns. Also her supplies and rules were simple, and she didn't care about my headphones. Last period was Art which was pretty fun. The only downside was he gave us assigned seats. Again didn't care about my headphones. And like that the day was over. All I had to do after school was get a bunch of papers signed by my parental unit and blog.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So as you may know from my previous posts I have been making a website for Technology class. Well on the website I have to make a survey and have at least 6 people go on it. So....i thought why not have my loyal blog followers take the survey? Don't worry its two questions and they are both opinionated! Here's the URL

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awards Ceremony

So today was my schools "Awards Ceremony" which is held every year towards the end of the year. I got 4 different awards for basically just going to school...One was for simply showing up to Math club that I go to every Monday because i cant go home and theres no French club to go to. Another was given to me for simply being good in French class. It was the Student of the Year Award that my French teacher surprisingly gave to me. I was not expecting this at all most of the time i barely get As in French...but hearing the grades of other people in my French class I guess I kind of deserved it. I also got recognition for just "Competing" at National History Day. Even though I didn't even place (beat out by the school that provided funding for the awards, Coincidence? I think NOT!) I still think that i kind of deserved recognition for how hard NHD was. The last award I got was for getting a 3.5 gpa for the whole year. That was pretty cool but the only reason why i didnt get a 4 is because of the one B i got in language arts! That was kind of disappointing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPod followup

So as you know from my other posts my iPod has been broken for some time now...Its aggrivating especially since i love music.

Today my iPod miraculously decided to start working for some reason probably because I've left it alone without headphones in for about a week. However now that they work they are super sensitive. If i even touch the headphone jack or apply any kind of tension on the wire my sound goes almost completely. This is extremely inconvenient because listening to music while my iPod is in my pocket is now impossible to do. Instead i have to just leave my iPod on my desk and listen to it there which is almost no different from just listening to music from my iPod. For now I'm just going to leave my iPod alone without the headphones in and hope that it fixes its self somehow.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So today in tech class were going over more stuff I've done before. The fact that you are even on this site reading this post is proof that i have don this before. We have to create a website using Google Sites which uses the exact same web design tools as Blogger's. The only catch is that we have to add a few different features like a spreadsheet that organizes input data which can be done simply with HTML if i really wanted to type 20 lines of code, instead my teacher decided to take the easy route by making it a simple matter of dragging and dropping the correct embed onto the websites correct page. Even with the simplicity of this project directions are still given to us making this project ETC about 5 minutes.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My posts are back!!

Yay now my posts are finally back!! Just saying nothing else to say be sure to read them!

Friday, May 13, 2011

All My Hate

So this week I posted like 3 times about several diffent things. Each was a medium sized post and as soon as i logged in today they werent there!! Blogspot must have somehow lost my post while i they were running maintenence...Ugh i really hope they show up eventually...Because of this i am going to start saving drafts of blogs on my any way ill try to repost the blogs that were lost later...

Thursday, May 12, 2011


So i just recently realized that the subject of my ipod has some how escaped my mind whenever i make a new blog post but today im actually going to talk about it. For about a year now my ipod has decided to poop out on me and not work in only one headphone...I think the fact that it only works in one headphone aggrivates me more than if both had broken because now i can hear songs...but some of the lyrics or beats are stinks. So ever since the first time it broke ive managed to fix it to where it was in barely working condition...but now i fear that it is completely broken. Now both headphones dont work and i cant listen to any music exept for on my computer which is a major inconvenience. I have already contacted Apple to ask them how much it would cost to repair my headphone jack (its already out of warranty), and they wanted a heinious $199!! I could buy a new ipod for that much. So now I am thinking of buying an iPod Classic. Mainly because its older and less likely to break but also because it can hold 160 gb of data. Being an audiophile i have about 5000 songs in my itunes library that i have aquired over the years and currently only about 5 of my 12 playlists can fit on my ipod without it being over memory capacity (its a 32gb ipod touch 2nd gen). Im still trying to fix my headphone jack on my own so i dont waste $249 of my savings for nothing, if you know on any way to fix this problem please comment with a link to how to fix it or just tell me how...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend

So as all you people who have mothers should know yesterday was Mothers day. For mothers day i had made a card for my mom with a half page letter to her. However i ran into trouble when it came to printing it out. I made the card the Friday before mothers day but because of my lack of time being at home without my mom i couldn't print my card without her knowing. So on Mothers day i spent the morning struggling to get my printer to print out my card properly. It probably looked like to her that i just started making my present to her but it didn't matter because she was so deeply moved by the letter that she cried. Also during this weekend i had to complete a project for math class. Trig isn't the hardest thing in the world but geez this project was like kindergarden work. We had to build a kite and draw blue prints of it. We also had to do research but that was so easy its almost irrelevent. I am almost done with the project and a due date hasn't even been set yet...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Strangely Normal Week

So this week has been surprisingly normal besides the fact that I got report cards on Monday. When I received my report card i was appalled that i had 1 B.....AND A C. These were both mistakes made due to my absence the past few weeks at school due to several trips and vacations that i had been attending in the previous weeks. The B I got changed to an A almost immediately by my science teacher because he is a very rational and levelheaded man. However when it came to fixing my C I had to confront my 9th grade Language Arts teacher who is not entirely rational when it came to grades and when within 20 feet of me was almost the opposite of levelheaded. Sadly when i went to go get my grade fixed i found out that she had left the school for some reason...So I was stuck with a massive dilemma, I was in possession of a report card that could very well get me locked in my room for a month. So i did what any rational person would have done, I hid it. Not elaborately i just stuck it in the back of a folder and didn't say anything about it (Mommy if you are reading this I'm sorry but you would have yelled at me if i showed it to you). The next day I got my Language Arts teacher to change it to its proper grade which to my dismay was a B. THE FIRST B I HAVE GOTTEN ALL YEAR!!!! AND ITS THE SECOND TO LAST GRADING PERIOD!!! So yea as you can tell I'm a little irked about that. And that was the most eventful thing that happened all week...

Saturday, April 30, 2011


So this weekend has been particularly amusing but sad for me. Mainly because one of my best friends is moving to the Philippines "forever". Even though his family says that they will be staying there and retiring I highly doubt that they will ever fully adjust to life in the Philippines seeing to how they have become so Americanized. I give them 3 years of staying there before they realize that America is were they belong. So because of all of this my friends and I are having a massive all weekend party pretty much that started Friday night when we basically partied until 3am at my friends house. At around 12 I passed out for an hour only to wake up with gum in my hair. Luckily it was only in a few strands of hair so hacking it off wasn't a problem. By the time it was 3am everybody was exhausted and covered in sweat. I ended up going to sleep with my clothes on. The next morning I woke up at about 9 to go to an amusement park with the same group of friends. It was a water park and the weather was amazing so we had a pretty awesome time. After that we had to leave to go to a smaller birthday party which brings me to now. Tomorrow I am meeting up with them at a popular restaurant and possibly going to another party at a friends house.

Okay so other than that i have my review of Portal 2 complete now that i have finally beaten the game.

play it

Thursday, April 28, 2011


So less than 5 hours ago I got back home from a trip to the Florida Future buisiness leaders of america state convention...fancy sounding i know. The whole trip was spent wearing uncomfortable suits while attending "meetings" that were more set up like concerts, walking around the city and dealing with my immature roommate. roommate, technically i had 2 roommates one of which was my friend Donovan who is hilarious and was the only thing keeping me from strangling our other roommate. My other roommate can only be described truly with one simple word, "Immature". After the first night of staying in the room he started acting "depressed" and reported to both his mom and our advisor that we were making fun of him. However what he seemed to call "bullying" we called simple wise crack that were traded between all three of us the night before. After that we were almost required to be nice to him even though everybody that truly knew what was going on knew that he was simply trying to get attention. So after a 2 full days of being "nice" to him and essentially ignoring every annoyance that was caused by him he finally decided that he wanted to become a completely aggravating, uncooperative, immature, lazy, and noncomprehending prick. After we got back to the room after an extremely tiring day he stole the remote and refused to give it back to anybody. Also just to annoy us he put on Disney Channel and refused to change it to anything else that he wanted to watch even though several shows that he had watched in the preceding days were on. At first i simply tried to take the remote from him as everybody in the room had done to each other at some point during the trip. However he refused to let go of the remote and fell in the small space between the bed and the wall, while he was on the ground he accused me of elbowing him even though this was being caused by him trying to block the remote with his body and my elbow pressing against him and the we resorted to compromise. Eventually after refusing every kind of compromise he resorted to ignoring us completely like the immature person he was. After awhile of him ignoring me I resorted to blocking his view of the TV so he would pay attention to the compromises that we had offered him. We offered to watch what each person wanted for 30 minutes each and to let him keep the remote but change the channel to something else he liked besides the Disney channel. After offering him all of these preferable compromises he had the audacity to say "I'll give you the remote for 2 dollars", At that point i was completely enraged but instead of strangling him and taking the remote by force i simply blocked the TV and asked for it nicely.
He continued to refuse and after awhile of me blocking the TV he simply turned the TV off and kept the remote. At this point i was infuriated and something snapped when he said that I had an "attitude" even though it was him who had complained about the TV remote in the first place and it was him who had been a stubborn and immature person who refused any type of compromise in a cynical tone. So i did what any rational person would do after being forced to endure being around this person for several days...I punched him. Now it wasn't in the face and it wasn't even hard, it was a half-power hammer-fist to the small of his back. After that he began fake crying and being a nice person i didn't steal the remote from him while he was "crying" and instead just waited for him to stop crying and then attempted to take the remote. However even after bringing him ICE for his fatal lesion he took the remote, continued to watch Disney channel, and blasted the volume. As i started to lunge toward him Donovan lifted me up and forced me on a walk around the hotel, however curfew was 11 pm and we left at about 10:30. So after 30 minutes of walking around talking to highschoolers we reluctantly returned to the room. When we tried to enter the room with our key we were surprised to find that he had locked the door with the door-chain and he refused to open the door because it was "me who was asking" after a few minutes of arguing with him and listening to his annoying, immature comebacks we finally informed our advisor fearing that we would be apprehended by the curfew officer. After talking on the phone with her he finally opened the door. When we were inside the remote was nowhere to be found and he didn't have it. After a few minutes of searching I began looking around near my luggage. Normally that side of the room smelled like my cologne and my dirty clothes however this time it had the filthy smell of bad roommate. After finding where it was the strongest I found the remote behind a chair right next to my luggage. I assumed that he thought he was smart by hiding it near our stuff but it was his downfall in the end. Finally with the remote in hand Donovan and I picked a show and continued to watch it completely ignoring any slick remarks coming from our roommate. Victory Was Ours

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy Week

Sorry for no posts all this week. Ive been super busy with something a blogger shouldn't have...a life. This week has been full of massive amounts of homework about 4 projects and 2 competitions. First lets start from the beginning. I didn't have any posts on Saturday because of National History Day (for more info click here). Basically me and my group spent the whole day talking to judges, looking at project, and drinking chai tea lattes. And even after we did all of this "work" we lost. I think that the competition was extremely biased, the school that sponsored the event and payed for all of the awards received the most awards (coincidence i think not) and even after listening to judges say that our project was "one of the crispest web pages we've seen" and talk about how they were "very impressed with our research" we still didn't even place. Anyway after Saturday i spent all day Sunday working on my math project. The project was about building bridges which i think uses little to no geometry applications but what can you do. My teacher decided to make the project insanely difficult by refusing to allow us to use balsa wood craft sticks and also by refusing to let us use glue from here massive supply of construction glue. Instead i had to use toothpicks which are very difficult to use mainly because they splinter whenever you try to cut them. This made my project look a lot less pleasing to the eye because i had to overlap some toothpicks. You can see pictures of the bridge above. After this project was finished I had 2 technology innovation projects due for my tech class. You may be thinking "hey wasn't he working on a technology innovation project awhile ago???" Yes i was. We have a technology innovation every 2 weeks and this grading period my teacher decided to throw us a curve ball by making us write a research paper about a past technology innovation that affected the outcome of the world. This would be a simple project if my tech teacher didn't teach every project like a 10 page thesis. We had to make a cover page and have a full bibliography in MLA format. Oh and did i mention the document had to be 4 PAGES LONG! That wouldn't be as bad if the topic wasn't as dry. I did mine on the printing press because it was the most vague invention i could think of. Each paragraph was about a different kind of printing press and i had to repeat a bunch of facts to barely squeeze 4 pages out of the subject. The second technology innovation project was just more of the same and i finished it the day before it was due because i was swamped with all of my other projects over the course of the week. If you want to see the project click here. in case your wondering i used prezi because it makes these project super easy to do. Just type in a bunch of facts import a few pictures and make a pathway and your done. The other alternative was to a Glogster. I hate glogsters because there so vague and look unprofessional. The clip art that is provided on the site looks like it was drawn by a 10 year old on MS Paint. The only project i have ever done on glogster was one about music because it allowed me to link to Zuneplayer. I like Zune player simply because its legal and is directly linked from bing. You can see my Music glog here. Ok back to the topic besides these 2 technology innovations i also had a whole bunch of 5 paragraph essays to finish a workbook for language arts. This is basically like cramming seeing to how the Writing FCAT is next Tuesday....but anyway while all of this stuff i going on I had to memorize a french play and perform it (which i did today). The whole day was just like National History Day but without the big disappointment at the end. We actually did win! Yay! Again sorry for not posting as much next week may be just like this week because i have FCAT the whole week.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sorry for not posting anything last night i was really busy training and i got home at about 9:00 but i am happy to say that i found my retainer. The strange part is that i found it the period right after i posted yesterday in science class. Somebody put both my lunchbox and my retainer inside the power sink in my science class. i have no idea how i missed it before because that was were i originally was looking for it! Ugh its such a pain. But at least after today i only have to wear my retainer at night! :D. This week has been going by excruciatingly slow. It feels like today should be Friday for some reason. I cant wait for it to be Friday, this weekend i am going to a massive party and IT'S A THREE DAY WEEKEND!!! I love 3 day weekends because nobody likes modays and i hate mondays.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The hunt for my retainer

So im still looking for my retainer. Im not really discoraged because the strategy im using calls for me finding my retainer at the end of the day. At the end of the day im going to check every single lost and found in the school to try and find my retainer and my lunchbox. If i still cant find my lunchbox and retainer im going to fill out a stolen item form and turn it in to the campus pd so he can look into it more. However if i cant find my retainer today im dead beause i have a dentist appointment tomorrow....Perfect. So wish me luck. Todays post is short because Wendsdays are short days at school!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So today ended up to be a bad day after all. Everything was going fine until after lunch when i was asked to run a quick errand to the office. On my way back to my class the bell rang which didnt really bother me because it meant less time in the next class, but when i got back to my class my lunchbox was missing. At first i was just upset about losing my lunchbox but then i realized that my retainer was inside my lunchbox. Then i started freaking out. I searched every single place i could think of for my lunch box to no avail. First off i would like to know why anybody would want to steal a lunchbox whose only contents was my retainer, its not like you could (if you even wanted to) use my retainer, its custom fit! So now i have to search the entire school again tomorrow and pray that i find it or i have to pay about $400 to get a new one! So if anybody is reading this that goes to my school please tell me if you find my lunchbox or even just my retainer! I really hope i find it tomorrow. So now i am sitting here retainerless working on my Tech project (still).

Anyway enough about my troubles and onto what i usually talk about...oh wait. Well i am currently reading "A Child Called "It"" (wow) which i think is a really good read. Its the #1 International and National Bestseller and its by Dave Pelzer. First off how could you not read a book by somebody named Pelzer! But seriously its about a boy that is abused by his alcoholic mother. It makes me thankfull that i just have an Asian mother not an alcoholic, mentally unstable and asain mother. Its a really good book the only bad thing about it is its only like 100 pages. However there is a sequel called "The Lost Boy" about the same kid trying to find a foster family. I'm still contemplating whether or not to read it.

For those of you that want to get to know me (stalk me) even more you can follow me on twitter here and you can also subscribe to this blog! Thank You! (^o^)

Tech Class

As promised a second post of the day! I'm in tech class bored....I was on Funnyjunk for awhile as usual! :D I'm trying to increase the amount of visitors to my site so please tell your friends if you are reading my blog and like what you see! So on to what i actually wanted to talk about. I think that the main subject of this blog is going to end up being school mainly because i was going to make it about my life and school takes up most of the time that i am awake. Also per request by somebody i wont be talking about anime very much on this site.

Maybe you guys have heard about the story of the kids who destroyed a bathtub with their bayblades and had to sell all 8 of their beyblades on ebay to pay for the new bathtub. I find this hilarious because this sounds like something that my mom would do if i were to destroy something in my house. Thats basically how asian parents work if you break something they yell at you alot and instead of just stopping and letting you off the hook they actually make you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! For example if i fail a test my mom yells at me for about 4 hours and then she makes me study in that subject for about 2 hours! its such a pain. Maybe if my mom reads this blog she will realise how overkill her punishments are *cough* *cough*. At least i dont have 2 asian parents like some people. My friend Brandon says that its even worse with an asian dad because they take turns yelling at you....i wonder if its like wrestling were they tap eachother into the ring to continue yelling at you...


First off i just want to say sorry for not posting anything else yesterday. But today i can guarantee at least 2 whole posts!! :D SO I'm currently at an FBLA meeting where basically we just sit here and practice for the Florida (lol now you all know what state I'm in) Business Leaders of America competitions. Well i already won the district competition for Excel Spreadsheet so now i just sit here blogging or doing whatever i want to do. Today i am super excited for the release of the Ballad of Mona Lisa music video by Panic! at the Disco! Its going to be awesome. I already got the single and preordered Vices and Virtues so I'm all set to watch the music video!. For those of you that don't know when i comes on it comes on at 7:56 pm sharp on MTV! I cant wait. Well enough about that.

So today i have what i like to call the ultimate schedule setup! Its where i have gifted class first. Gifted class is basically where they take 23 (questionably) genius kids and put them into a small(er than last year) room with a teacher that has little to no control over any of us. Yea so its basically a party. Then after that i have Lang arts which i usually despise with great intensity but today were watching an old English Movie that goes to the book we are reading called "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" so were not doing anything for the whole period. After that I have tech for lunch which means I'm in there longer than any class that day. This is when i plan on doing my second blog post of the day:P. Then after that i have 3 more less favorable classes, but its all worth it because i don't have Geometry today!!! YAY! I hate my geometry class. Mostly because its hard and mostly because my teacher is kind of a prick sometimes. I mean shes nice but she gives a lot of homework and doesn't accept late work. And worst of all she covers the clock with a piece of construction paper! Now we never know what time it is and when the class will end! Luckily we have cellular devices that tell us what time it is! I keep telling my Geometry teacher to print out a picture of the troll face and write U MAD? on it and put that on the clock! Maybe i should just email her a picture of the troll face....

Also i would like to thank the french viewers of my blog for bothering to view my blog
Je parle francais aussi mais c'est trop difficile pour moi! J'ai etudie francais pour 3 annes.

Monday, February 7, 2011

First post from School

So this is my first post from school. kind of bored. For some reason in my tech class we are working on a research paper about an important invention. Im doing vaccination for some reason. At first i didnt think my teacher would accept my idea to do vaccination because IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TECHNOLOGY but whatever. We have to do notecards for each of our sources right now. I dont understand exactly why we have to do notecards instead of just a regular bibliography, but whatever. I just made a template for each notecard on Microsoft Word so it was just a matter of copying a pasting the url and titles of the web pages and typing like 2 sentences of facts for each source. Sigh so now im just sitting here blogging. I think ill go on for awhile. I still cant comprehend why funnyjunk isnt blocked at school but hey its fun to go on. Wow i just heard somebody ask what we were doing...we have been working on this project for the past 2 weeks and they still have no idea what we are doing. This is the whole reason why we are doing this project in the first place. My tech teacher is making us do this project because to many people were plagerizing on their Technology innovation project so now we have to do this giant research paper and knowing my class people are still going to plagerize.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ok so I've finished my French project and ive been spending the rest of my day on Xbox live. Then i realized that owning 10 year olds at a shooting game cant be good for my health so here i am back on the internet. Twitter has been all about the superbowl all day and theres nothing to tweet about. Even the trending list sounds boring. so now im just sitting here infront of my computer practicing my guitar and playing random flash i just remembered i havent seen the new bleach episode it for this post...apparently

French Project Still

Okay so I finally got a reply to my email from my teacher saying that an 11 sentence composition is fine as long as all of the grammar and stuff is good. Which is awesome because now i can finally start to work on my power point! At this rate i will probably be done about an hour after i finish this blog post. While i am on this subject i wonder why it took my teacher so long to email me back i mean geez its Sunday i know but its almost 12 oclock! Anyway while i was waiting for her to email me back i was stumbling as usual. If any of you are not familiar with then you are definitally missing out. Its my default for time wasting. I found some pretty cool stuff and i found a tutorial on how to draw an impossible box which wasted about an hour. Regarding actual work i edited my composition and it is now 12 WHOLE SENTENCES!!! And i did the first slide of my power point. This post is going to be shorter than most because i have to finish this project before lunch.

French Project

So i am still working on my French project and I have only managed to type 11 sentecences in french about Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. My french teacher gives us a checklist of what to have in each of our projects which is kind of cheating because she is telling us exactly what she wants done on our project. This is probably why most french projects turned in to her are almost exactaly the same when it comes to formatting and organization. Well anyway I've completed everything on the checklist and i still only have 11 sentences. While I am thinking about what to write about (and blogging obviously) I'm Installing Microsoft Office 2007 on my new computer. Its taking forever and i am really hoping it doesent substancially slow down my computer while I am blogging, so far autosaves are taking the usual amount of time to complete.

I know in the past ive been saying that i got a new computer which makes most of the few people, who have been reading this blog since i started it less than 2 hours ago, think that i got a new desktop computer. The truth is that i got a laptop which is not exactly what i was hoping for to replace my OLD laptop that i hated so much, but at least it has Windows 7 on it instead of the cursed windows vista. My new laptop is an HP which again is not what i was hoping for but then again recieving an Alienware computer from my father was kind of far fetched. One of the features that i like about this computer is that is has a webcam. I was previously going to buy a webcam because one of my best friends is moving back to the Philippines and the only way to contact him without paying a massive phone bill would be though webcam chatting. But now i dont need to buy a webcam. When i first got my new laptop i was just messing around with all the effects that the webcam had, some of which being very cool, when i realized that it had a desktop recording mode. This probably would have been very usefull when i was doing tech tutorials for tech class, but after trying to use the desktop record function several times i realized that i had to buy the full version of the program. I was not happy. Another thing i dont like about my new laptop is the placing of the track pad. It's directly below where your hands would go to access the home row...i guess people dont want to move their hand as far to touch the track pad so HP decided to move the trackpad a few inches to the right. Now whenever im typing the mouse moves and jitters around the screen and sometimes clicks a random link on the page. Making blogging extremely difficult. I already own a Logitec USB mouse but even when i use that mouse there is no way i know of to disable the trackpad. Microsoft Office just finished installing so...BACK TO WORK!!!

First post

Okay this is the official first post of the new age of this blog. And don't be mistaken im not going to spend the whole time on this blog complaining about how i have nothing to write about. I have something to write about. Recently i recieved a new computer. It wasnt even a planned thing my dad just picked me up from kickboxing class and handed me a catalog and said "were going to staples". At first i thought we were buying a computer for my sister who has been computerless since Windows 97 became obselete. However later i realized that we were buying a computer for myself and we were giving my old Compaq to my sister. So now i have a new computer and i think i have finally settled in to using this computer (it took 3 days straight to move my iTunes Library). So now that i have a new computer i thought "why not start up by blog agian" saying this to myself was kind of equivalent to just saying "why not start up a blog" because my old blog had nothing to say on it anyway just old thoughts of me in 6th grade. So now i hope that people will actually start to read this blog if i ACTUALLY POST STUFF! But anyhow back to what i was going to talk about. Today i am working on my French project. It is supposed to be about a francophone celebrity or a celebrity from France. I'm doing mine on Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (quite a mouthful) one of the members of the band Daft Punk. I am currently working on this project using Microsoft Office Basic so i have barely any features and i have to stare at advertisements by Microsoft the whole time I am working, telling me to buy a better version of the program i am already working on. Later i find out that Microsof Office Basic has no Power Point abilitys...and i need a power point to do the now i either have to do my power point on Google Docs or wait for Microsoft Office 2007 to load on my computer...What i dont get is why does Microsoft give you both Word and Excel when the only people who truly use Excel are buisiness men and women who most likely need the full program anyway and most likely have the money to just buy every Microsoft Program that comes their way, instead of giving Word and Power Point for free so everyday users can use it and later upgrade when they realize they kind of need Power Point or Outlook. Maybe i will write to microsoft i dont know.