Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of High School

So today was my first day of highschool! I know most of you assumed that I was in highschool already, to bad you were wrong! Anyway today was my first day as a freshie, and I must say it wasn't as amazing as I expected. The day started out with a homeroom full of people I don't know and a stack of documents my parents had to sign. That was fine I guess a bit boring because we were just sitting there for about 10 minutes without anybody even speaking. After homeroom I finally got to start the actual day. The first thing I must address is how SMALL my locker is... I could barely fit the 6 binders I needed in there, much less my whole backpack so I decided just to keep it with me for the day. My first class was Algebra 2 honors. The teacher was a guy which kinda surprised me, I've never had a male teacher for something like math, the only male teachers I've had were for Tech, Gym, Science and Art. He seemed pretty cool just a little strict. He snapped at this one student for talking while he was talking which kinda surprised me cause he seemed to be really laid back at first. During the class we just talked about the MANY rules he had and he gave us some papers for out parents to sign, then like that the class was over. Second period was Biology, another male teacher, and a cool one at that. He was super laid back. He gave us this giant packet of papers, at first I thought he was going to give us a whole bunch of work, but it ended up to be the notes for the ENTIRE YEAR. Yeah you read that right, he typed out and gave us notes for the entire year on the first day. So no copying, no taking notes during lectures, just elaboration. Then he gave us some papers to sign and we did a lab about reaction time...which was awesome cause it was super easy. Right after Biology we got an announcement that the Air conditioning was broken...probably not the best news I had heard all day. Third period was history, female teacher. Even though I don't really like history the teacher seemed cool. She was one of those teachers that is borderline appropriate for school (she threatened to stab somebody in the eye for talking). The class sounded like it would be a lot of work but she was a pretty funny teacher. Next was English. The teacher was kinda annoying. Made bad jokes in class, desperately tried to entertain us, and had wayyyy to many rules. By this time it was about 87 degrees inside and everybody was irritable. I think the worst thing about her was she freaked out when she saw my headphones around my neck. I hadn't been listening to them and they were just there cause I didn't want to put them in my backpack and cause...they look cool. But when she saw them she freaked out even though I didn't even have my iPod in my pocket (it was inside my backpack safe from the outside elements). She was the first teacher all day who made me put it away. My history teacher had asked about it but when I showed her I didn't have my iPod on me she was entirely cool with it. So she made me put them in my backpack. Fifth period was "Inquiry Skills". Basically it's just a class teaching us how to write papers and study...yeah and its an elective...anyway this teacher also made me put my headphones away. It was the biggest class I had had so far. All day I was with the same 11 or 12 people in each class because of the IB program that I am in. I guess this class grouped together 2 different IB groups so there was like 30 people in this class. This teacher was also annoying, she attempted to make small talk with us which I found to be irksome and uninteresting. Then she complained because we were quiet and withdrawn. The main reasons why we weren't talking was because she was sitting at the front of the room talking the whole time, and nobody really wanted to interrupt her and because it was 90 DEGREES INSIDE. Everybody was sweaty and disgusting and nobody wanted to talk it was just to hot. After fifth period was lunch, at my school you can eat wherever you want on the school campus so I kinda just wandered around with my friends. Sixth period was French. My teacher seemed pretty cool and she let us sit in front of a fan in turns. Also her supplies and rules were simple, and she didn't care about my headphones. Last period was Art which was pretty fun. The only downside was he gave us assigned seats. Again didn't care about my headphones. And like that the day was over. All I had to do after school was get a bunch of papers signed by my parental unit and blog.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So as you may know from my previous posts I have been making a website for Technology class. Well on the website I have to make a survey and have at least 6 people go on it. So....i thought why not have my loyal blog followers take the survey? Don't worry its two questions and they are both opinionated! Here's the URL

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awards Ceremony

So today was my schools "Awards Ceremony" which is held every year towards the end of the year. I got 4 different awards for basically just going to school...One was for simply showing up to Math club that I go to every Monday because i cant go home and theres no French club to go to. Another was given to me for simply being good in French class. It was the Student of the Year Award that my French teacher surprisingly gave to me. I was not expecting this at all most of the time i barely get As in French...but hearing the grades of other people in my French class I guess I kind of deserved it. I also got recognition for just "Competing" at National History Day. Even though I didn't even place (beat out by the school that provided funding for the awards, Coincidence? I think NOT!) I still think that i kind of deserved recognition for how hard NHD was. The last award I got was for getting a 3.5 gpa for the whole year. That was pretty cool but the only reason why i didnt get a 4 is because of the one B i got in language arts! That was kind of disappointing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPod followup

So as you know from my other posts my iPod has been broken for some time now...Its aggrivating especially since i love music.

Today my iPod miraculously decided to start working for some reason probably because I've left it alone without headphones in for about a week. However now that they work they are super sensitive. If i even touch the headphone jack or apply any kind of tension on the wire my sound goes almost completely. This is extremely inconvenient because listening to music while my iPod is in my pocket is now impossible to do. Instead i have to just leave my iPod on my desk and listen to it there which is almost no different from just listening to music from my iPod. For now I'm just going to leave my iPod alone without the headphones in and hope that it fixes its self somehow.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So today in tech class were going over more stuff I've done before. The fact that you are even on this site reading this post is proof that i have don this before. We have to create a website using Google Sites which uses the exact same web design tools as Blogger's. The only catch is that we have to add a few different features like a spreadsheet that organizes input data which can be done simply with HTML if i really wanted to type 20 lines of code, instead my teacher decided to take the easy route by making it a simple matter of dragging and dropping the correct embed onto the websites correct page. Even with the simplicity of this project directions are still given to us making this project ETC about 5 minutes.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My posts are back!!

Yay now my posts are finally back!! Just saying nothing else to say be sure to read them!

Friday, May 13, 2011

All My Hate

So this week I posted like 3 times about several diffent things. Each was a medium sized post and as soon as i logged in today they werent there!! Blogspot must have somehow lost my post while i they were running maintenence...Ugh i really hope they show up eventually...Because of this i am going to start saving drafts of blogs on my any way ill try to repost the blogs that were lost later...