Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awards Ceremony

So today was my schools "Awards Ceremony" which is held every year towards the end of the year. I got 4 different awards for basically just going to school...One was for simply showing up to Math club that I go to every Monday because i cant go home and theres no French club to go to. Another was given to me for simply being good in French class. It was the Student of the Year Award that my French teacher surprisingly gave to me. I was not expecting this at all most of the time i barely get As in French...but hearing the grades of other people in my French class I guess I kind of deserved it. I also got recognition for just "Competing" at National History Day. Even though I didn't even place (beat out by the school that provided funding for the awards, Coincidence? I think NOT!) I still think that i kind of deserved recognition for how hard NHD was. The last award I got was for getting a 3.5 gpa for the whole year. That was pretty cool but the only reason why i didnt get a 4 is because of the one B i got in language arts! That was kind of disappointing.


  1. Those last all day...i hated that thank god im in college and dont have to sit through one of those again

  2. Keep up, is just a symbol.

  3. Good job! You seem like you'll be more satisfied with bigger and better things, though. Go out and get them!