Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend

So as all you people who have mothers should know yesterday was Mothers day. For mothers day i had made a card for my mom with a half page letter to her. However i ran into trouble when it came to printing it out. I made the card the Friday before mothers day but because of my lack of time being at home without my mom i couldn't print my card without her knowing. So on Mothers day i spent the morning struggling to get my printer to print out my card properly. It probably looked like to her that i just started making my present to her but it didn't matter because she was so deeply moved by the letter that she cried. Also during this weekend i had to complete a project for math class. Trig isn't the hardest thing in the world but geez this project was like kindergarden work. We had to build a kite and draw blue prints of it. We also had to do research but that was so easy its almost irrelevent. I am almost done with the project and a due date hasn't even been set yet...

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