Thursday, May 5, 2011

Strangely Normal Week

So this week has been surprisingly normal besides the fact that I got report cards on Monday. When I received my report card i was appalled that i had 1 B.....AND A C. These were both mistakes made due to my absence the past few weeks at school due to several trips and vacations that i had been attending in the previous weeks. The B I got changed to an A almost immediately by my science teacher because he is a very rational and levelheaded man. However when it came to fixing my C I had to confront my 9th grade Language Arts teacher who is not entirely rational when it came to grades and when within 20 feet of me was almost the opposite of levelheaded. Sadly when i went to go get my grade fixed i found out that she had left the school for some reason...So I was stuck with a massive dilemma, I was in possession of a report card that could very well get me locked in my room for a month. So i did what any rational person would have done, I hid it. Not elaborately i just stuck it in the back of a folder and didn't say anything about it (Mommy if you are reading this I'm sorry but you would have yelled at me if i showed it to you). The next day I got my Language Arts teacher to change it to its proper grade which to my dismay was a B. THE FIRST B I HAVE GOTTEN ALL YEAR!!!! AND ITS THE SECOND TO LAST GRADING PERIOD!!! So yea as you can tell I'm a little irked about that. And that was the most eventful thing that happened all week...


  1. LOL. Its high school. No one cares. I passed high school with the bare minimum and I have a free ride through college.

  2. I love does days were you are worry free.