Thursday, May 12, 2011


So i just recently realized that the subject of my ipod has some how escaped my mind whenever i make a new blog post but today im actually going to talk about it. For about a year now my ipod has decided to poop out on me and not work in only one headphone...I think the fact that it only works in one headphone aggrivates me more than if both had broken because now i can hear songs...but some of the lyrics or beats are stinks. So ever since the first time it broke ive managed to fix it to where it was in barely working condition...but now i fear that it is completely broken. Now both headphones dont work and i cant listen to any music exept for on my computer which is a major inconvenience. I have already contacted Apple to ask them how much it would cost to repair my headphone jack (its already out of warranty), and they wanted a heinious $199!! I could buy a new ipod for that much. So now I am thinking of buying an iPod Classic. Mainly because its older and less likely to break but also because it can hold 160 gb of data. Being an audiophile i have about 5000 songs in my itunes library that i have aquired over the years and currently only about 5 of my 12 playlists can fit on my ipod without it being over memory capacity (its a 32gb ipod touch 2nd gen). Im still trying to fix my headphone jack on my own so i dont waste $249 of my savings for nothing, if you know on any way to fix this problem please comment with a link to how to fix it or just tell me how...


  1. Dude, go check around on ebay! they have some good things.. i just hope you don't get some counterfiet iPod on there. But really, if not i'd go get a zune or something. you never know. I just hate how much apple charges for their products. :/ goodluck bro

  2. I might buy one from amazon so i don't get a broken or couterfiet iPod