Saturday, April 30, 2011


So this weekend has been particularly amusing but sad for me. Mainly because one of my best friends is moving to the Philippines "forever". Even though his family says that they will be staying there and retiring I highly doubt that they will ever fully adjust to life in the Philippines seeing to how they have become so Americanized. I give them 3 years of staying there before they realize that America is were they belong. So because of all of this my friends and I are having a massive all weekend party pretty much that started Friday night when we basically partied until 3am at my friends house. At around 12 I passed out for an hour only to wake up with gum in my hair. Luckily it was only in a few strands of hair so hacking it off wasn't a problem. By the time it was 3am everybody was exhausted and covered in sweat. I ended up going to sleep with my clothes on. The next morning I woke up at about 9 to go to an amusement park with the same group of friends. It was a water park and the weather was amazing so we had a pretty awesome time. After that we had to leave to go to a smaller birthday party which brings me to now. Tomorrow I am meeting up with them at a popular restaurant and possibly going to another party at a friends house.

Okay so other than that i have my review of Portal 2 complete now that i have finally beaten the game.

play it


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