Thursday, April 28, 2011


So less than 5 hours ago I got back home from a trip to the Florida Future buisiness leaders of america state convention...fancy sounding i know. The whole trip was spent wearing uncomfortable suits while attending "meetings" that were more set up like concerts, walking around the city and dealing with my immature roommate. roommate, technically i had 2 roommates one of which was my friend Donovan who is hilarious and was the only thing keeping me from strangling our other roommate. My other roommate can only be described truly with one simple word, "Immature". After the first night of staying in the room he started acting "depressed" and reported to both his mom and our advisor that we were making fun of him. However what he seemed to call "bullying" we called simple wise crack that were traded between all three of us the night before. After that we were almost required to be nice to him even though everybody that truly knew what was going on knew that he was simply trying to get attention. So after a 2 full days of being "nice" to him and essentially ignoring every annoyance that was caused by him he finally decided that he wanted to become a completely aggravating, uncooperative, immature, lazy, and noncomprehending prick. After we got back to the room after an extremely tiring day he stole the remote and refused to give it back to anybody. Also just to annoy us he put on Disney Channel and refused to change it to anything else that he wanted to watch even though several shows that he had watched in the preceding days were on. At first i simply tried to take the remote from him as everybody in the room had done to each other at some point during the trip. However he refused to let go of the remote and fell in the small space between the bed and the wall, while he was on the ground he accused me of elbowing him even though this was being caused by him trying to block the remote with his body and my elbow pressing against him and the we resorted to compromise. Eventually after refusing every kind of compromise he resorted to ignoring us completely like the immature person he was. After awhile of him ignoring me I resorted to blocking his view of the TV so he would pay attention to the compromises that we had offered him. We offered to watch what each person wanted for 30 minutes each and to let him keep the remote but change the channel to something else he liked besides the Disney channel. After offering him all of these preferable compromises he had the audacity to say "I'll give you the remote for 2 dollars", At that point i was completely enraged but instead of strangling him and taking the remote by force i simply blocked the TV and asked for it nicely.
He continued to refuse and after awhile of me blocking the TV he simply turned the TV off and kept the remote. At this point i was infuriated and something snapped when he said that I had an "attitude" even though it was him who had complained about the TV remote in the first place and it was him who had been a stubborn and immature person who refused any type of compromise in a cynical tone. So i did what any rational person would do after being forced to endure being around this person for several days...I punched him. Now it wasn't in the face and it wasn't even hard, it was a half-power hammer-fist to the small of his back. After that he began fake crying and being a nice person i didn't steal the remote from him while he was "crying" and instead just waited for him to stop crying and then attempted to take the remote. However even after bringing him ICE for his fatal lesion he took the remote, continued to watch Disney channel, and blasted the volume. As i started to lunge toward him Donovan lifted me up and forced me on a walk around the hotel, however curfew was 11 pm and we left at about 10:30. So after 30 minutes of walking around talking to highschoolers we reluctantly returned to the room. When we tried to enter the room with our key we were surprised to find that he had locked the door with the door-chain and he refused to open the door because it was "me who was asking" after a few minutes of arguing with him and listening to his annoying, immature comebacks we finally informed our advisor fearing that we would be apprehended by the curfew officer. After talking on the phone with her he finally opened the door. When we were inside the remote was nowhere to be found and he didn't have it. After a few minutes of searching I began looking around near my luggage. Normally that side of the room smelled like my cologne and my dirty clothes however this time it had the filthy smell of bad roommate. After finding where it was the strongest I found the remote behind a chair right next to my luggage. I assumed that he thought he was smart by hiding it near our stuff but it was his downfall in the end. Finally with the remote in hand Donovan and I picked a show and continued to watch it completely ignoring any slick remarks coming from our roommate. Victory Was Ours