Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy Week

Sorry for no posts all this week. Ive been super busy with something a blogger shouldn't have...a life. This week has been full of massive amounts of homework about 4 projects and 2 competitions. First lets start from the beginning. I didn't have any posts on Saturday because of National History Day (for more info click here). Basically me and my group spent the whole day talking to judges, looking at project, and drinking chai tea lattes. And even after we did all of this "work" we lost. I think that the competition was extremely biased, the school that sponsored the event and payed for all of the awards received the most awards (coincidence i think not) and even after listening to judges say that our project was "one of the crispest web pages we've seen" and talk about how they were "very impressed with our research" we still didn't even place. Anyway after Saturday i spent all day Sunday working on my math project. The project was about building bridges which i think uses little to no geometry applications but what can you do. My teacher decided to make the project insanely difficult by refusing to allow us to use balsa wood craft sticks and also by refusing to let us use glue from here massive supply of construction glue. Instead i had to use toothpicks which are very difficult to use mainly because they splinter whenever you try to cut them. This made my project look a lot less pleasing to the eye because i had to overlap some toothpicks. You can see pictures of the bridge above. After this project was finished I had 2 technology innovation projects due for my tech class. You may be thinking "hey wasn't he working on a technology innovation project awhile ago???" Yes i was. We have a technology innovation every 2 weeks and this grading period my teacher decided to throw us a curve ball by making us write a research paper about a past technology innovation that affected the outcome of the world. This would be a simple project if my tech teacher didn't teach every project like a 10 page thesis. We had to make a cover page and have a full bibliography in MLA format. Oh and did i mention the document had to be 4 PAGES LONG! That wouldn't be as bad if the topic wasn't as dry. I did mine on the printing press because it was the most vague invention i could think of. Each paragraph was about a different kind of printing press and i had to repeat a bunch of facts to barely squeeze 4 pages out of the subject. The second technology innovation project was just more of the same and i finished it the day before it was due because i was swamped with all of my other projects over the course of the week. If you want to see the project click here. in case your wondering i used prezi because it makes these project super easy to do. Just type in a bunch of facts import a few pictures and make a pathway and your done. The other alternative was to a Glogster. I hate glogsters because there so vague and look unprofessional. The clip art that is provided on the site looks like it was drawn by a 10 year old on MS Paint. The only project i have ever done on glogster was one about music because it allowed me to link to Zuneplayer. I like Zune player simply because its legal and is directly linked from bing. You can see my Music glog here. Ok back to the topic besides these 2 technology innovations i also had a whole bunch of 5 paragraph essays to finish a workbook for language arts. This is basically like cramming seeing to how the Writing FCAT is next Tuesday....but anyway while all of this stuff i going on I had to memorize a french play and perform it (which i did today). The whole day was just like National History Day but without the big disappointment at the end. We actually did win! Yay! Again sorry for not posting as much next week may be just like this week because i have FCAT the whole week.

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