Sunday, February 6, 2011

French Project Still

Okay so I finally got a reply to my email from my teacher saying that an 11 sentence composition is fine as long as all of the grammar and stuff is good. Which is awesome because now i can finally start to work on my power point! At this rate i will probably be done about an hour after i finish this blog post. While i am on this subject i wonder why it took my teacher so long to email me back i mean geez its Sunday i know but its almost 12 oclock! Anyway while i was waiting for her to email me back i was stumbling as usual. If any of you are not familiar with then you are definitally missing out. Its my default for time wasting. I found some pretty cool stuff and i found a tutorial on how to draw an impossible box which wasted about an hour. Regarding actual work i edited my composition and it is now 12 WHOLE SENTENCES!!! And i did the first slide of my power point. This post is going to be shorter than most because i have to finish this project before lunch.

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