Sunday, February 6, 2011

French Project

So i am still working on my French project and I have only managed to type 11 sentecences in french about Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. My french teacher gives us a checklist of what to have in each of our projects which is kind of cheating because she is telling us exactly what she wants done on our project. This is probably why most french projects turned in to her are almost exactaly the same when it comes to formatting and organization. Well anyway I've completed everything on the checklist and i still only have 11 sentences. While I am thinking about what to write about (and blogging obviously) I'm Installing Microsoft Office 2007 on my new computer. Its taking forever and i am really hoping it doesent substancially slow down my computer while I am blogging, so far autosaves are taking the usual amount of time to complete.

I know in the past ive been saying that i got a new computer which makes most of the few people, who have been reading this blog since i started it less than 2 hours ago, think that i got a new desktop computer. The truth is that i got a laptop which is not exactly what i was hoping for to replace my OLD laptop that i hated so much, but at least it has Windows 7 on it instead of the cursed windows vista. My new laptop is an HP which again is not what i was hoping for but then again recieving an Alienware computer from my father was kind of far fetched. One of the features that i like about this computer is that is has a webcam. I was previously going to buy a webcam because one of my best friends is moving back to the Philippines and the only way to contact him without paying a massive phone bill would be though webcam chatting. But now i dont need to buy a webcam. When i first got my new laptop i was just messing around with all the effects that the webcam had, some of which being very cool, when i realized that it had a desktop recording mode. This probably would have been very usefull when i was doing tech tutorials for tech class, but after trying to use the desktop record function several times i realized that i had to buy the full version of the program. I was not happy. Another thing i dont like about my new laptop is the placing of the track pad. It's directly below where your hands would go to access the home row...i guess people dont want to move their hand as far to touch the track pad so HP decided to move the trackpad a few inches to the right. Now whenever im typing the mouse moves and jitters around the screen and sometimes clicks a random link on the page. Making blogging extremely difficult. I already own a Logitec USB mouse but even when i use that mouse there is no way i know of to disable the trackpad. Microsoft Office just finished installing so...BACK TO WORK!!!

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