Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tech Class

As promised a second post of the day! I'm in tech class bored....I was on Funnyjunk for awhile as usual! :D I'm trying to increase the amount of visitors to my site so please tell your friends if you are reading my blog and like what you see! So on to what i actually wanted to talk about. I think that the main subject of this blog is going to end up being school mainly because i was going to make it about my life and school takes up most of the time that i am awake. Also per request by somebody i wont be talking about anime very much on this site.

Maybe you guys have heard about the story of the kids who destroyed a bathtub with their bayblades and had to sell all 8 of their beyblades on ebay to pay for the new bathtub. I find this hilarious because this sounds like something that my mom would do if i were to destroy something in my house. Thats basically how asian parents work if you break something they yell at you alot and instead of just stopping and letting you off the hook they actually make you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! For example if i fail a test my mom yells at me for about 4 hours and then she makes me study in that subject for about 2 hours! its such a pain. Maybe if my mom reads this blog she will realise how overkill her punishments are *cough* *cough*. At least i dont have 2 asian parents like some people. My friend Brandon says that its even worse with an asian dad because they take turns yelling at you....i wonder if its like wrestling were they tap eachother into the ring to continue yelling at you...

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