Monday, February 7, 2011

First post from School

So this is my first post from school. kind of bored. For some reason in my tech class we are working on a research paper about an important invention. Im doing vaccination for some reason. At first i didnt think my teacher would accept my idea to do vaccination because IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TECHNOLOGY but whatever. We have to do notecards for each of our sources right now. I dont understand exactly why we have to do notecards instead of just a regular bibliography, but whatever. I just made a template for each notecard on Microsoft Word so it was just a matter of copying a pasting the url and titles of the web pages and typing like 2 sentences of facts for each source. Sigh so now im just sitting here blogging. I think ill go on for awhile. I still cant comprehend why funnyjunk isnt blocked at school but hey its fun to go on. Wow i just heard somebody ask what we were doing...we have been working on this project for the past 2 weeks and they still have no idea what we are doing. This is the whole reason why we are doing this project in the first place. My tech teacher is making us do this project because to many people were plagerizing on their Technology innovation project so now we have to do this giant research paper and knowing my class people are still going to plagerize.

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