Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sorry for not posting anything last night i was really busy training and i got home at about 9:00 but i am happy to say that i found my retainer. The strange part is that i found it the period right after i posted yesterday in science class. Somebody put both my lunchbox and my retainer inside the power sink in my science class. i have no idea how i missed it before because that was were i originally was looking for it! Ugh its such a pain. But at least after today i only have to wear my retainer at night! :D. This week has been going by excruciatingly slow. It feels like today should be Friday for some reason. I cant wait for it to be Friday, this weekend i am going to a massive party and IT'S A THREE DAY WEEKEND!!! I love 3 day weekends because nobody likes modays and i hate mondays.

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