Sunday, February 6, 2011

First post

Okay this is the official first post of the new age of this blog. And don't be mistaken im not going to spend the whole time on this blog complaining about how i have nothing to write about. I have something to write about. Recently i recieved a new computer. It wasnt even a planned thing my dad just picked me up from kickboxing class and handed me a catalog and said "were going to staples". At first i thought we were buying a computer for my sister who has been computerless since Windows 97 became obselete. However later i realized that we were buying a computer for myself and we were giving my old Compaq to my sister. So now i have a new computer and i think i have finally settled in to using this computer (it took 3 days straight to move my iTunes Library). So now that i have a new computer i thought "why not start up by blog agian" saying this to myself was kind of equivalent to just saying "why not start up a blog" because my old blog had nothing to say on it anyway just old thoughts of me in 6th grade. So now i hope that people will actually start to read this blog if i ACTUALLY POST STUFF! But anyhow back to what i was going to talk about. Today i am working on my French project. It is supposed to be about a francophone celebrity or a celebrity from France. I'm doing mine on Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (quite a mouthful) one of the members of the band Daft Punk. I am currently working on this project using Microsoft Office Basic so i have barely any features and i have to stare at advertisements by Microsoft the whole time I am working, telling me to buy a better version of the program i am already working on. Later i find out that Microsof Office Basic has no Power Point abilitys...and i need a power point to do the now i either have to do my power point on Google Docs or wait for Microsoft Office 2007 to load on my computer...What i dont get is why does Microsoft give you both Word and Excel when the only people who truly use Excel are buisiness men and women who most likely need the full program anyway and most likely have the money to just buy every Microsoft Program that comes their way, instead of giving Word and Power Point for free so everyday users can use it and later upgrade when they realize they kind of need Power Point or Outlook. Maybe i will write to microsoft i dont know.

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