Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So today ended up to be a bad day after all. Everything was going fine until after lunch when i was asked to run a quick errand to the office. On my way back to my class the bell rang which didnt really bother me because it meant less time in the next class, but when i got back to my class my lunchbox was missing. At first i was just upset about losing my lunchbox but then i realized that my retainer was inside my lunchbox. Then i started freaking out. I searched every single place i could think of for my lunch box to no avail. First off i would like to know why anybody would want to steal a lunchbox whose only contents was my retainer, its not like you could (if you even wanted to) use my retainer, its custom fit! So now i have to search the entire school again tomorrow and pray that i find it or i have to pay about $400 to get a new one! So if anybody is reading this that goes to my school please tell me if you find my lunchbox or even just my retainer! I really hope i find it tomorrow. So now i am sitting here retainerless working on my Tech project (still).

Anyway enough about my troubles and onto what i usually talk about...oh wait. Well i am currently reading "A Child Called "It"" (wow) which i think is a really good read. Its the #1 International and National Bestseller and its by Dave Pelzer. First off how could you not read a book by somebody named Pelzer! But seriously its about a boy that is abused by his alcoholic mother. It makes me thankfull that i just have an Asian mother not an alcoholic, mentally unstable and asain mother. Its a really good book the only bad thing about it is its only like 100 pages. However there is a sequel called "The Lost Boy" about the same kid trying to find a foster family. I'm still contemplating whether or not to read it.

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