Tuesday, February 8, 2011


First off i just want to say sorry for not posting anything else yesterday. But today i can guarantee at least 2 whole posts!! :D SO I'm currently at an FBLA meeting where basically we just sit here and practice for the Florida (lol now you all know what state I'm in) Business Leaders of America competitions. Well i already won the district competition for Excel Spreadsheet so now i just sit here blogging or doing whatever i want to do. Today i am super excited for the release of the Ballad of Mona Lisa music video by Panic! at the Disco! Its going to be awesome. I already got the single and preordered Vices and Virtues so I'm all set to watch the music video!. For those of you that don't know when i comes on it comes on at 7:56 pm sharp on MTV! I cant wait. Well enough about that.

So today i have what i like to call the ultimate schedule setup! Its where i have gifted class first. Gifted class is basically where they take 23 (questionably) genius kids and put them into a small(er than last year) room with a teacher that has little to no control over any of us. Yea so its basically a party. Then after that i have Lang arts which i usually despise with great intensity but today were watching an old English Movie that goes to the book we are reading called "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" so were not doing anything for the whole period. After that I have tech for lunch which means I'm in there longer than any class that day. This is when i plan on doing my second blog post of the day:P. Then after that i have 3 more less favorable classes, but its all worth it because i don't have Geometry today!!! YAY! I hate my geometry class. Mostly because its hard and mostly because my teacher is kind of a prick sometimes. I mean shes nice but she gives a lot of homework and doesn't accept late work. And worst of all she covers the clock with a piece of construction paper! Now we never know what time it is and when the class will end! Luckily we have cellular devices that tell us what time it is! I keep telling my Geometry teacher to print out a picture of the troll face and write U MAD? on it and put that on the clock! Maybe i should just email her a picture of the troll face....

Also i would like to thank the french viewers of my blog for bothering to view my blog
Je parle francais aussi mais c'est trop difficile pour moi! J'ai etudie francais pour 3 annes.

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